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"Margarita" was the possible name of a woman who was murdered in Tombstone, Arizona.


Margarita was a theatre performer and a prostitute at the Bird Cage Theatre. She favored men who played poker, especially a man named Billy Milgreen. However, another theatre performer and prostitute only known as "Gold Dollar" was also interested in Milgreen and so a feud started. One night, Margarita kissed Milgreen during a poker game and in a fit of jealousy, "Gold Dollar" stabbed Margarita and killed her. It is unknown what happened to "Gold Dollar" afterwards.

Margarita is buried in Row 2, Lot 20 at the Boothill Cemetery. Although the date of when she is killed is unknown, the Bird Cage Theatre opened on December 26, 1881 and the graveyard's last burials were in 1884, suggesting her death took place between then.