Unidentified Wiki
Marble Arvidson
Age 17
Race White
Sex Male
Location Brattleboro, Vermont
Disappeared August 27, 2011
Missing for 10 years
Height 6' - 6'2"
Weight 165 pounds
Classification Suspected exposure

Marble Ace "Marb" Arvidson (born June 14, 1994) is a foster teenager from Brattleboro, Vermont who disappeared on August 27, 2011, just before the dawn when Tropical Storm Irene made landfall in the New England area.

According to reports, two housemates who lived with Marble in his foster home claimed that around 1:15 in the afternoon, Marble opened the front door for an unknown man and eventually walked away with the man. This was the last time anybody has heard or seen Marble Arvidson.

He left a note stating, "Gremlin Hoard", stating that he was going out for a little bit and would be back in a half hour.

Speculations towards Marble's disappearance arose, with the most popular belief being that Marble was a victim of the storm. However, several unconfirmed sightings have been reported, with the last being April 2012.

As of April 2020, the disappearance remains unsolved, and the person who visited him the day he vanished has never been identified.


Marble Ace Arvidson was born on Tuesday, June 14, 1994, in California to an unidentified father and to Sigrid Arvidson. Sigrid struggled with alcoholism and abusive relationships, which resulted in her and Marble to move to western Massachusetts when Marble was a year old to live with family.

When Ms. Arvidson was battling her demons, Marble's great-grandparents took care of him starting at 5 or 6 years old. He then returned with his mother full-time when she became sober.

The Arvidsons relocated to Halifax, Vermont in 2001, where Sigrid managed to find better schooling for Marble.

When Marble turned 14, he was sent to foster care after he started to become rebellious towards his mother, in which was reported that some of his altercations with his mother were violent. In one instance, he took a splitting maul to the outside of the house and smashed the porch and parts of the foundation. His mother alleges that the damage totaled roughly $3,000.

During his time in foster care, he spent time with two families and developed close relationships in both homes.

Although he is considered a person with special needs, he is high-functioning and was considered a very bright student with high B's. One friend reported that he’d eagerly talk to almost anyone. He was also very excited to start his senior year of high school at Brattleboro Union High School and was considering to attend the University of Vermont.

When his disappearance was reported through the town, many of his friends and loved ones claimed that it was uncharacteristic of him to run away from home, stating that he was always in good spirits.


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According to two of his housemates, on Saturday, August 27, 2011, at around 1:15 in the afternoon, they heard Marble open the door and let in an unknown man who appeared to be in his mid-20's, wearing a black baseball cap. The two housemates then claimed they saw Marble and the man leaving the house, which would have been the last time that Marble was ever seen or heard from again. One of the two housemates would eventually claim that the man seemed vaguely familiar but could not quite recall his identity.

After Marble left with the unidentified man, a note was left on the door of his room which read "Gremlin Hoard". However, one source claimed the note specifically read "Going to frolic with some friendly gremlins", which was normal for Marble to do, as it was Marble’s way of letting his family know he was going out to “party” or hang out, with friends. The note also read that he would return in half hour.

It wasn't until Marble's girlfriend arrived in front of Marble's house at 4 PM that evening to meet with Marble that his family noticed he was missing.

Shortly afterwards, Tropical Storm Irene started to make landfall in the New England area with some rain. The following day, Sunday, the storm brought heavy downpours and strong winds, leaving more than 7 inches of rain onto the Green Mountains, upstream from Brattleboro. The storm also caused major damage on roadways and almost every river and stream in Vermont flooded, resulting in at least three deaths.

His foster parents reported him missing later the following Sunday. An extensive search was conducted following the missing report, with many volunteers and search dogs partaking. Despite this, no signs of Marble were found.

Characteristics and Personal Items

Marble is a Caucasian male with blond hair at shoulder-length and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he had scars on his arms and body from self-inflicted cuts. He smokes cigarettes. He was last seen wearing a black button-down shirt, black pants, black hiking boots and a black fedora. This is said to be his normal attire.

At the time of his disappearance, the only personal item that Marble took was his wallet. He didn't have a cellular device nor a car. His bank account was left untouched.