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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Manuel Schadwald  went missing after leaving his parents' apartment to go to a leisure and recreation center in Köpenick on July 24, 1993. He never arrived.


Manuel was seen on a yacht in Rotterdam, Netherlands soon after his disappearance. It is believed that he had been kidnapped and brought to the Netherlands by a group of pedophiles.

According to some sources, a connection was made to the Belgium child pornography scene after the death of an infamous pedophile in Belgium in 1998. His belongings were searched, and thousands of graphic images and videos of him physically and sexually abusing children, one of which happened to be Manuel Schadwald. 

Among these findings, there was a final video depicting Schadwald's murder. It is unsure how long Manuel was held captive, when and where he was murdered. Even though his killer's identity is known, the whereabouts of his body are not.

It seems to be disputed between sources if this information is the truth or just a rumor.

In the decade several children disappeared from Berlin, Germany. Whether these cases are connected is not certain:

Clothing and accessories

Manuel was last seen wearing:

  • Jeans shorts.
  • Black gym shoes.
  • A gray t-shirt.
  • A gray summer jacket with a logo on the back.
  • A turquoise backpack with the imprint Miami Vice.
  • His identification card.
  • The key to apartment he resided in.