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Manhattan Jane Doe was a young woman found deceased in a New York basement after a renovation was performed. 31 women have been ruled out as the decedent as of July 2021.


The victim was discovered concealed underneath a layer of concrete that was recently fresh and wrapped in a rug. She had also been bound with an extension cord at her hands and feet, which was wrapped around her neck. The layer of concrete where the victim was discovered was additionally hidden behind an old coal-burning furnace in the basement of a run-down and mostly abandoned apartment on Manhattan's West Side. This run-down and mostly abandoned apartment where the victim was discovered was allegedly used by prostitutes.

Isotope analysis indicated that Jane Doe most likely originated from Midwest and may have ties to so-called "Minnesota Strip"- area known for the large community of young female sex workers coming from the Midwest. She may have had ties to Ireland and been a drug user and possible prostitute. She most likely died after 1988.


  • Light-colored, possibly red hair.
  • Petite build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Bra (Size 32A).
  • Pantyhose.
  • Clothing labels from Lady Garment Workers.
  • A yellow metal ring with the initials "P Mc. G" or "P G Mc."
  • A 1966 Bulova watch.


  • A 1968 or 1969 dime.
  • A small green plastic toy soldier.