Malibu Jane Doe (1980)

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Malibu Jane Doe, locally known as Jane Doe 99 was a woman who was believed to have been murdered by serial killers Doug Clark and Carol Bundy, along with "Cathy", Malibu Jane Doe, Newhall Jane Doe, Valencia Jane Doe (80-01329), and Valencia Jane Doe (80-01340), in a spree known as the Sunset Strip murders.


The female was allegedly killed by Clark after a sexual encounter, based on statements by Bundy that he had dumped her body in Tuna Canyon as they drove past the area in late July 1980. She had been shot in the left side of her forehead, and her clothing had been removed and placed around her hips. The woman was not explicitly described as a prostitute.

The woman's partially mummified skeleton was found by a passerby at the base of a hill, in a mountainous area. The bullet was recovered, although it was too damaged to definitively match those found with other victims. Although the female was still clothed and wore jewelry, unlike most of the others, the same caliber gun had been used. The way she had been shot was noted to be similar to that of "Cathy," who was discovered in March 1981.

Doug Clark denied involvement, providing an alibi that placed him hundreds of miles from the scene on the day this victim was killed. The jury, however, decided that he was, indeed, responsible.


  • Blond hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • A black knit tank top.
  • A purple skirt made of satin, described as "long".
  • Pantyhose.
  • A yellow-metal chain anklet.
  • A yellow-metal earring with three segments.
  • Two rings.
    • One resembling a scarab beetle with a black or green setting.
    • The other was gold-colored with a white setting.


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