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Maitland John Doe was a man found deceased in Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

He is believed to have died in the winter (June-August) of 1995 or possibly during the previous winter of 1994.


  • Long, fair, wavy hair.
  • A fair ginger beard.
  • Ginger moustache.
  • Ginger eyebrows.

Clothing and accessories

  • An olive green "sloppy joe" over a black jumper with a pocket on the front at the waist which was over a beige vest and a v-neck red t-shirt.
  • An olive green tracksuit pants over green Amco jeans size 84 cm waist over beige tracksuit pants over black tracksuit pants.
  • Black "Speedo-type" swimming costumes with a white rope pattern running longitudinally down the costume.