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Madame Victoria is the nickname given to a woman who was found deceased near the Royal Victoria Hospital.


Madam Victoria's skull was discovered in a parking lot by a hospital employee. The rest of her skeleton was found in a wooded area near the Allan Memorial Institute, a psychiatric hospital associated with the Royal Victoria Hospital. Her skull was likely separated from her body due to heavy rain.

Madame Victoria was found wearing hospital clothing, but a search of hospital records were of no use. Her bones did not show any signs of violence.

A woman in Kamouraska, Quebec believed that Madame Victoria was her mother, Laurette Ouilett. Laurette disappeared while living in a group home in 1997 and suffered from bladder cancer. DNA showed that she was not Madame Victoria. As of 2011, Lorette is still missing.

Hair analysis showed that Madam Victoria moved around a lot in Quebec. She either suffered from an illness or drastically changed her diet within the last four months of her life.


  • Black, wavy hair that measured 18 inches and had a few gray streaks.
  • False teeth.
  • A heavy build.


  • A gray and green, cotton Angelica blouse. It was in a size large, had short sleeves, a pocket on the left breast, and a V-neck. The material was 65% polyester and 35% cotton.
  • Gray and green pants. The legs were 39 inches and the waist cord was 41.5 inches.
  • Areocourt running shoes in a size 8 that were white and various shades of purple.