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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Lusaka Jane Doe was a young woman who was found in Lusaka, Zambia on January 6, 1980. She is the second victim of Milton Mufungulwa Sipalo AKA "The Lusaka Strangler."


The victim was found along a path near Chitukuko Road in the Woodlands residential area. She was raped and strangled in the area she was found. Evidence of violence was indicated by scattered beads ripped from her waist and her knickers were torn and found four meters from her body.

Between January and September 1980, twenty-nine young women were raped and strangled in the capital city of Zambia. The victims were often stranded visitors in the capital or travelers that he would approach and offer a drink or an accommodation and then rape, strangle, and then rob them. He would dump their bodies where they would be found easily and left small items to taunt the police.

However, two women survived attacks and identified their attacker[1] as Milton Mufungulwa Sipalo a Corporal in the Zambian Defense Forces. In his barracks home was possessions that linked him to the victims. On September 16, Sipalo was arrested for being the Lusaka Strangler, but committed suicide three days later by jumping off a roof before he could be convicted. A suspected accomplice, Kenneth Kaluwe, a Lance Corporal in the ZDF who made suspicious statements, was released due to the lack of evidence against him.


  1. One of the surviving victims stated TWO soldiers attacked her. The second soldier was never identified, but Kenneth Kaluwe was named a suspect.