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Lonoke County John Doe was a male who was found lying face-down in a ditch on Interstate 40 between Lonoke and Carlisle, Arkansas. A wire was found tied around his neck, along with his hands tied with a clock and cord.


  • Dark brown hair.
  • 2 scars located on the anterior abdominal wall:
    • The first is described as irregular, transverse, broad, and present on the suprapubic area of the body.
    • The second scar is long and linear, extending from the epigastrium to the pubis, located in the right paramedian position.
  • A tattoo of flowers on the front of the left forearm.
  • A tattoo of the word "Mom" underneath the letters "K.C." on the front of the right forearm.
  • A supra-eruption mesial drift on one of his molars.
  • Labioverted top front teeth.
  • Mesio-occlusal alloy present on one of the top teeth.
  • An occlusal alloy on one of the top molars.
  • Occlusal alloy on bottom right molars.

Clothing and accessories

  • A pair of blue socks.
  • A pair of "Oshkosh Bgosh" brand brown corduroy pants accompanied by a rust-colored patch located on the crotch region.
  • A brown belt with stitching on it.
  • A pair of jockey shorts, size 32.
  • A white short-sleeved t-shirt, with a name on the back inside of "Lindblad, W."
  • A silver-colored filigree belt buckle with "Newton Manufacturing" written on it and adorned with an engraving of a cowboy on a horse.


The following have been ruled out as the decedent, per NamUs: