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Livingstone Channel John Doe was a man found in the Detroit River, near the Livingstone Channel, in the municipality of Amherstburg, Ontario.


  • A denture on his upper teeth, and a lower partial plate on the bottom.
  • Straight brown or black hair, with a greying beard and mustache.
  • An unusual curvature of his spine.
  • Tattoo on his upper left arm.
  • Appendix present.
  • Likely a heavy coffee drinker or smoker.


  • Black sweatshirt with an Arizona Diamondbacks logo.
  • Grey t-shirt.
  • Grey 'Docker' brand pants.
  • Black socks.
  • 'Merrell' brand brown shoes.
  • Bomber-style jacket with knitted waist and cuffs, dark green with orange lining.
  • White Haynes underwear.


Amherstburg 2003 keys.jpg

  • Two hundred-dollar U.S. bills and change.
  • Detroit area bus pass dated November 2002.
  • 7 keys on 2 key rings, secured to a cloth strap with Ford Motor Company on it.