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Live Oak Doe was an individual located in Texas in 1986. The victim was biologically male, yet was dressed in female clothing when discovered. The decedent's case name takes after Live Oak Street in Houston, which is close to where the decedent was found.

They were identified in January 2021 by the DNA Doe Project. No further information is available at this time.


The victim was found on a sidewalk in cardiac arrest after they were apparently strangled with pantyhose. They were taken to a hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

It is unknown if the decedent was a transgender woman or a drag queen since there was no evidence of reassignment surgery.

In January 2020, the DNA Doe Project became involved in their case. Their DNA was successfully extracted by the DNA Doe Project in September 2020.


  • Black hair and brown eyes.
  • Both ears were pierced four times.
  • Tattoo of a heart and a scroll on the left arm.
  • Needle marks on both arms.