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For the infant found in 1953 in West Virginia, see Little Miss X (1953)

Little Miss X was the nickname given to an adolescent female whose skeletal remains were found on Halloween of 1958. Her cause of death is unknown but is being investigated as a homicide.


  • Reddish or brown hair that was dyed a lighter brown color.
  • Her hair was wavy, but it may not have been natural.
  • Her teeth were in good condition and she had seven fillings.

Clothing and accessories

  • Although Little Miss X was found nude, the following clothing was found near the body and they appeared to be too big for her:
    • A short-sleeved, white cardigan.
    • A white, cotton Maidenform Alloette bra in a size 34C.
    • White rayon underwear in a size small with an elastic top and bottom.
    • Brown, red, and green patterned capri pants from World Gamons GRAFF California Wear.
  • An 18" 10 karat gold chain with tiny, curb-style links.


  • A small jar of Ponds cold cream.
  • A powder puff with traces of suntan colored powder.
  • A small, blue plastic nail file with the letter "P" indented in script and the letter "R" in hand print. This would lead people to believe that the victim was Pinky Redman.
  • A white, nylon comb.