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Lisa Kay Kelly is a woman whose body was found on March 24, 1989 near Golden, Colorado. She was identified in 2005.


The victim was found by sightseers visiting Lookout Mountain in Golden. Because of her advancing state of decomposition, she was not identified and only a partial fingerprint was collected. She was shortly buried at the Golden Cemetery in Golden.

In 2005, Jefferson County Sheriff's Investigator Cheryl Moore reopened the case. She took the collected partial fingerprint and ran it through an advanced computer program to find a match. Soon after, the victim was identified as Lisa Kay Kelly, a prostitute from Denver, Colorado. Her sister, Robin Marshall, stated after her identification that they thought Kelly may have been in California after encountering some kind of trouble. Her family held a service at her grave and replaced her old marker with a new one that has her name.

In 2008, a man named Billy Edwin Reid was convicted for Kelly's murder and for the 1989 murder of Denver prostitute Lanell Williams and sentenced to life in prison after DNA evidence connected him to the crime. He has been linked to the third murder of Queena Sanders with some officials speculating he had killed other people.