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Lindsay Marie Harris (September 3, 1983 - May 2005) was a young woman whose dismembered legs were found in a wooded area near Interstate 55 in 2005. She was identified 3 years later.


On May 4, 2005, Harris disappeared from her home in Henderson, Nevada. She was last seen making a bank deposit at the bank near her home. Her rental car was found abandoned in the desert at the southern end of the valley and her credit cards had not been used. Later that November, America's Most Wanted aired a segment on Harris' disappearance.

On May 23, 2005, a group of children discovered human legs in a grassy field a couple hundred yards away from Interstate 55 in Divernon, Illinois, 15 miles south of Springfield. After performing DNA tests on both of the legs, it was determined that they both belonged to the same person. In May 2008, the FBI was able to match the DNA of the unidentified woman that was sent in by Illinois authorities to Harris' DNA sent in by authorities in Henderson. After comparing the two DNA samples, the woman's legs were identified as Lindsay Harris.

Harris had moved to the valley in 2003 with her boyfriend, whom she had met in New York. Harris had a history of being a sex worker, as Harris had been arrested 5 times for prostitution from the time she had moved to the valley to the time of her disappearance.

It has been suspected that Harris was killed by Neal Falls, who was suspected to have killed up to 8 women. On July 18, 2015, Falls was shot and killed by a sex worker in Charleston, West Virginia. Harris' case is still under investigation.