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Lincoln County Jane Doe was a teenager or young woman found murdered at a rest area in 1989. Two men were charged with her murder; they claimed she was a prostitute from New Orleans but denied knowing her identity.


On September 17, 1989, at about 12:25 PM, the body of a woman was located behind the bushes at a rest stop on Interstate-55 in Lincoln County, by a man travelling from Tennessee who had stopped there to use the restroom. The area was not visible from the rest stop. He alerted authorities; the woman was pronounced dead at the scene by the Lincoln County Coroner.

The woman was nude, except for a pair of white athletic socks, rolled down, with three blue stripes; no attempt had been made to cover the body with brush or another material. The woman had no wounds, marks or bruises on her body and the cause of death was initially unknown. It was believed she had died elsewhere and her body had been dumped at the rest stop. Whether she had been sexually assaulted was unknown.

The autopsy found that she had died of manual strangulation. Authorities initially guessed that she was about 17 to 20 years old, but the autopsy found that she may have been closer to 30 years of age. The autopsy also suggested that she may have had bad teeth and that she showed characteristics of Down's Syndrome (which could have made her appear younger.) Authorities checked all institutions which served people with Down's Syndrome in Mississippi and Louisiana for runaways and missing people, but none could be linked to Jane Doe.

Two men were later charged in the case. One of them said that they (possibly along with other individuals) had picked up Jane Doe (who they described as a prostitute) from New Orleans with the intention of robbing and killing her, but that they did not know her name. Jane Doe was buried on December 14, 1989 at Rose Hill Cemetery in Brookhaven by Hartman Funeral Home (now known as Harrigill Funeral Home.)


  • Brown shoulder length hair, which may have naturally been curly or wavy.
  • Her eye color is disputed:
    • Her autopsy and subsequent entry into the NCIC list them to be brown.
    • The ROCIC HUMP database submission form and contemporary news sources describe a blue coloration.
  • Freckles.
  • Mole on neck.
  • Scar on forehead.
  • Scar on thigh.
  • May have had bad teeth.
  • Sources alternately say she had one or both ears pierced.
  • Her exact race is uncertain; she is believed to be at least partially white with a possible mix of Native American or East Asian ancestry.
  • Initial news reports suggest she may have shown characteristics of Down's Syndrome.
    • Reconstruction depicting brown eyes

      If she did have Down's Syndrome, she could have been as old as in her early 30's but look much younger.