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Lily Ann Prendergast[1] (April 4, 1955 - May-September 1981) was located on the west side of Interstate 5, 1.7 miles south of Freeport Boulevard and 2.5 miles south of Pocket Road. She was identified in February 2020, which was announced in October of the same year. She was last seen after a disagreement with her parents occurred at their residence. She was known to use the alias surnames "Willis" and "Manning."


  • Dark brown, shoulder length, wavy hair that may have had blond highlights
  • A tattoo in the area of her right hip and buttock, depicting a red flower with a matching stem and two leaves with green coloration.
  • Blue eyes (unknown prior to identification)
  • Well-maintained teeth
    • Four mandibular fillings were noted
    • An upper-left front tooth "slightly overlapped" a premolar
  • She was likely a smoker
  • A hole in her sternum bone, which she was born with or later developed
  • Petite build
  • She possibly had a dark complexion
  • She may have been right-handed

Clothing and accessories 

  • Red panties.
  • Unspecified clothing
  • One shoe
  • A tie tack shaped like a cocktail glass




  1. Prendergast's first name has alternatively been spelled as "Lilly" by some sources.