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Lester J. Rome (April 20, 1926 - c. 1984) was a man whose partial remains were found in a well in 1986.

He was identified on October 18, 2021.


A property owner found Rome when cleaning out an old well on Recknor Road. The property owner discovered a large polyethylene plastic sheet inside the well, which he was planning to use to water livestock, and pulled it up to see what appeared to be part of a body in the water. Police believe that the individual or individuals who dumped the body in the well were familiar with the area, as the well was located on a dirt parish road.

The victim fractured his skull just prior to his death and he had been stabbed twice in the back, possibly with a large hunting knife. He may have received some type of medical treatment prior to his death as a urine cup was found in his possession.

On October 28, 2021, 74-year-old Delwin Avard Sibley was arrested and charged with Rome's murder.


  • He had an old injury to his left hip from being shot. He would likely have walked with a limp as a result and probably suffered from chronic pain even though the injury had healed.
  • Bridge on the upper right side of his mouth.
  • Multiple fillings.

Reconstruction by FACES

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue shirt.
  • Blue knit pants.
  • Brown belt.
  • A light blazer type jacket.
  • Sneaker type shoes.
  • A key ring with five small keys on it.
  • A folding brush/ comb combination.
  • A urine cup.
  • A small pocket knife.
  • A Snoopy night light.