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LeeAnna Warner
LeeAnna Warner.jpgProgressed to 15
Age 5
Race White
Sex Female
Location Chisholm, Minnesota
Disappeared June 14, 2003
Missing for 18 years
Height 3'2
Weight 48 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

LeeAnna Warner was a child who disappeared fom Chrisholm, Minnesota in 2003. 


LeeAnna was last seen walking home from a friend's house, which was approx. a block and a half away from her home.


  • Shoulder length brown hair (red highlights)
  • Brown Eyes
  • Wart on the base of her right ankle
  • Right ear pierced

Clothing and Accessories

  • One piece blue denim dress with an attached belt.
  • A flower earring with a red garnet stone in the middle.