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Las Vegas Jane Doe was a woman found unconscious in Nevada in 2009. She died the following day in a hospital.


  • Brown hair with dyed red streaks.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Various tattoos:
    • Sun on back of left shoulder.
    • "Louie" on the back of left forearm.
    • "Geometric" shapes and stars on right ankle.
    • "WWJD" in her public area.
    • Flower with the word "Riley" on right arm.
  • Various piercings:
    • Two in left ear and one in right.
    • Navel
    • Lower lip
    • Evidence of previous piercings above left eyebrow.
  • Various scars:
    • Two above her right eyebrow
    • Corner of right eye
    • Left eyebrow
    • Right side of mouth
    • Multiple on lower left arm and upper right arm.
    • Multiple on lower left leg.