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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers, such as details of suicide. Discretion is advised.

Lapland John Doe was a male whose body was found next to remnants of a campfire by a road worker deep in the Lapland wilderness near a newly-built road and the Esrange space center. While his cause of death was officially ruled as exposure, the presence of bloody razors in his vicinity and self-harm wounds on his body have made some detectives suspect his death may have been a suicide.

The decedent's fingerprints were recorded and transported to an Interpol database where they were distributed to police departments in Finland, Norway, and Denmark before he was cremated. As of January 2022, his case is considered closed despite the decedent remaining unidentified, and the only remaining record of his case is described as a single file with papers in it kept by Swedish authorities.


  • Ash blonde hair.
  • Sideburns.
  • Described as being clean-shaven.
  • One of his front teeth was displaced and turned.
  • Thin self-harm cuts measuring from 1 to 5 centimeters on both wrists. According to authorities, the cuts were far too superficial to have caused his death.

Clothing and accessories

  • Jeans.
  • Cowboy-style boots.
  • A thin blue windbreaker noted as being unusual to wear due to Kiruna's climate at night.
  • Six t-shirts.
  • An anorak shirt.
  • A mix of Swedish and Danish currency in his pockets amounting to 134 in Swedish Krona, or 14$ in United States dollars.
  • Bloodied teabags.
  • A roll of toilet paper stained with blood.
  • A glass cup.
  • A coffee pot.
  • Two broken matchboxes.
  • Packets of sugar.
  • A packet of bandages.
  • Blue finger gloves with evidence of burns on them.
  • Some rope described as being strong and measuring 21 feet long.
  • A bloodstained white box containing two used Gillette razor blades.