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Lake Ontario John Doe was a young man found deceased in Lake Ontario, near Queens Quay.


Before the decedent's body was recovered, witnesses saw him alive and walking on Lake Ontario, which was partially frozen at the time. He was also seen falling through the ice. Police do not consider his death suspicious and believe his death was caused by misadventure.


  • Short black hair.
  • His eyebrows were noticeably dark.
  • Brown eyes.
  • He had one day's growth of facial stubble.
  • His left ear was pierced and had a small round stud in it.
  • Has a small round scar was on his left knee.
  • His teeth were in their natural state.
    • His left upper first molar had dental work.
    • His left lower first and second molar had dental work.
    • His lower third molar was missing.


  • A medium sized blue, gray, or possibly beige 'Westport' jacket that was waist length, had a zipper, and a vinyl hood.
  • Blue and gray plaid shirt with long sleeves that were rolled up.
  • Large sized black and white t-shirt with black sleeves ending below the elbows, a black collar ring, and the word "Rush" in green on the front.
  • Blue pants that had a 30 inch waist and 34 inch legs that had been shortened.
  • Black "combat style" boots with ankle laces.


  • A shopping receipt dated January 15, 1988.
  • Back cigarette lighter.
  • Two 'Lipsol' containers, one being blue and the other being pink.
  • A combination knife and bottle opener.
  • Black 'Bulova Set-O-Matic' watch with a black nylon band.