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Lake County Jane Doe was a young woman whose remains were found in Ohio in 1983. Serial killer Samuel Little has confessed to her murder. Unlike many others, he did not provide a sketch of her.


The victim was discovered by an elderly man walking his dog at a grassy slope near a fence off the I-271 South near the 39-mile post.

In 2018, Samuel Little confessed to her murder. He told authorities the victim was a prostitute from Cleveland who was looking for money to buy heroin. He also said he was only with her for thirty minutes before strangling her right after a Cleveland patrol car passed them near East 39th & Broadway in an area of old factories. He then got on the highway and dumped her body where it was found. Between 1970-2005, Little killed up to 90 women who were involved in drugs or prostitution. He has been convicted of eight murders in three states and linked to sixty-one additional murders, including this victim. The investigation into Little's crimes are ongoing despite his death on December 30, 2020.


  • Petite build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue/Green dress, size likely 6-8.
  • Black or dark blue sweater.
  • Belt.
  • Black high heel, size approx. 7-7 ½.
  • Larger style gold-color Elgin watch.
  • Cross necklace with figure on front.
  • Pin, appears to be pearl like on face.
  • Gold colored ring with what appears to be shaped accent lines around it, marks on inside are a backwards "c" in a circle and a capital "A" with a feathered arrow as the cross line in the "A".