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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Lady of the Dunes was a woman found murdered in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1974.


The victim was found in an advanced stage of decomposition on July 26, 1974. Her hands had been severed from her body and were never located. This suggested she may have been fingerprinted during life, possibly from criminal activity.

Her killer made additional efforts to hinder identification by removing some of her teeth.

She had been struck on the side of the head, which caused a massive injury, and she was nearly decapitated. A block of wood was used in a sexual assault.

Whitey Bulger, a former FBI Top Ten Most Wanted fugitive was reportedly seen in the area with a woman matching the victim's description. He was listed as a person of interest in the case. Bulger was murdered in prison in late 2018.

Hadden Clark, who was convicted of two murders, confessed to the victim's murder. His statement is believed to be untrue, as he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

In 2015, Joe Hill, the son of famed author Stephen King, introduced a theory that the Lady of the Dunes may have been an extra in the 1975 film Jaws, which was filmed in Massachusetts during the summer of 1974. The extra in question is a young woman wearing a bandana and jeans, which were coincidentally worn by the victim. Authorities have, however, stated that this theory is "wild speculation."


  • She had auburn hair.
  • She was physically fit.
  • She had painted her toenails pink.
  • She had a large amount of expensive dental work.

Clothing and accessories

  • The victim was unclothed at the scene, but a pair of blue jeans were placed under her head.
  • A blue bandanna was found with the remains.
  • The body was left on a green beach towel.
  • Her hair was tied back with a hair-tie with gold-colored flecks.




  • The case appeared on an episode of Haunting Evidence.
  • The Shanty: Provincetown's Lady in the Dunes was published by Sandra Lee, who claims to have initially found the body with her sister.