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For the victim found in 1985 in Kentucky, see Espy Black-Pilgrim

Lady in the Fridge is the nickname given to a woman whose remains were located in a refrigerator in 1995 by scavengers in Holt, California. Investigators believe serial killer Terry Rasmussen may have been involved in her death, based on his location at the time of her death, and how the victim died in a consistent manner with his other known victims.


  • Reddish-blond or red hair
  • Manicured nails
  • Excellent teeth with few restorations

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue sweatshirt
  • A tee shirt (Fruit of the Loom brand)
  • An unopened ice bag with the words "Glacier Party Ice" and the graphic of a glacier
  • Shorts (Levi brand)
  • A bra (Victoria's Secret brand)
  • Expensive hiking boots
  • A diamond wedding ring
  • A leather necklace with charms
  • She was concealed in a sleeping bag, along with one white and one blue blanket.



  • The case was shown on an episode of America's Most Wanted.



  1. Some sources report that the woman's weight could not be estimated.