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Lacovia John Doe was a man killed in a duel on September 17, 1738 in Lacovia, Jamaica.


On September 17, 1738, an argument broke out between a group of people at a tavern. What the argument was about is lost to history, but traditional stories suggest it was over a woman's affections or an English soldier and a Spanish soldier wanting to settle a battle. The victim and a fourteen-year-old boy, Thomas Jordan Spencer, organized a duel in which both men killed each other.

After the duel, both men were buried side by side in the middle of Barthen Walf Mall Road in Lacovia. The victim's grave is unmarked while Spencer's bears a crest suggesting he is a descendent of the Duke of Marlborough. At one point there was a traffic accident that damaged one of the tombs, but repairs were made.

The graves, dubbed the "Lacovia Tombs," remain a tourist attraction for the city of Lacovia and the island of Jamaica as a whole.