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LaSalle County Jane Doe was a female who was found deceased in a cornfield in LaSalle County, Illinois in 1991.

Genetic genealogy research discovered two first cousins in 2021 with more testing and genealogical research required to make a conclusive identification.


She had three times the lethal amount of cocaine in her system, but it is unknown if this lead to her death. It is also unknown if it was a homicide or an accident.

Isotope testing has indicated that she was from the upper Midwest, Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Canada or possibly Alaska.


  • Breast implants but they did not contain any serial numbers, logos, or other markings.
  • Has a tattoo of a cross with a red flower on her upper left breast area.
  • Has a tattoo of a star-shaped flower with a multi-colored flower and stem on her right lower abdomen.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black spandex shorts.
  • A men's American Outfitter striped button-down shirt with dark pinstripe on a light background.
  • She was found lying on the top of a curtain with drapery slip-on hooks still attached.