Kyoto Jane Doe

Kyoto Jane Doe was a woman whose remains were discovered wrapped in a vinyl sheet beneath the floor of a private home alongside the body of another woman in Kyoto, Japan. She believed to have died sometime during 2003, though her case is suspected to be linked to a mass suicide that took place in the home in 2006.


On the afternoon of February 15th, 2014, a homeowner in the Fushimi ward of Kyoto, Japan, was directing a pest control officer to a floor where he needed termites exterminated. When the exterminator lifted the flooring, he instead discovered the bodies of two women wrapped in blue vinyl sheets nested in the ground below. Authorities quickly closed off the home and investigated the bodies, estimating that they had been deceased for several years. Further analysis of the home's history would uncover that a group of three men and two women had committed mass suicide in the home in February 2006 by burning briquettes, though the bodies of the two women in the group had already been retrieved from the home. The homeowner reportedly was not aware of the bodies beneath his home's flooring throughout his residency.

Currently, it is suspected the decedent may have been another member of the group alongside the woman she was found with. It is unknown if the second woman is unidentified as well or if her identity is being withheld. No further updates on the case have been provided since 2014.


  • Long hair that had been dyed brown. Her original hair color is unknown.


  • Garments described as being "pajama-like".
  • Pants.
  • Necklace described as having "diamond-like" jewels.
  • Cross-shaped pendant.
  • Thin bracelet.
  • Two black rubber bands that were possibly used as hair ties.


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