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Knox County Jane Doe was a woman Samuel Little confessed to killing in Knoxville, Tennessee sometime in December 1974 or January 1975. As of December 2021, she is his only Tennessee victim whose remains have not been located or linked to an existing unidentified person case.


In November 2018, Samuel Little confessed to killing a woman in Knoxville between six to eight weeks before he killed another Knoxville woman named Martha Cunningham on New Year's Eve 1974 and January 1975. According to Little, the woman was a prostitute he picked up either in the vicinity of Magnolia Avenue, possibly near the old Circle Inn Tavern, or in a black neighborhood near or at a graveyard, possibly around 4th Avenue.

Little drover the victim to a road that ran around a deep gully or hole and was overgrown with trees and weeds and possibly littered with trash and old refrigerators and stoves. He thought they gully was within half a mile of Vine Street near the "black projects." He then strangled her to death and rolled her into the gully. Little would later leave Knoxville shortly after Cunningham's murder, whose remains were located on January 18, 1975.

Between 1970-2005, Little killed up to 90 women, many of whom were involved in drugs and/or prostitution. He was convicted of eight murders in three states and linked to sixty-one additional murders. While this victim's body has not been recovered or identity uncovered, all of Little's confessions are considered credible. The investigation into his crimes is ongoing despite his death on December 30, 2020.


  • Golden colored skin.
  • Medium build. Little described her as "chubby."
  • Short non-afro style hair.


  • Possibly clothed in blouse and pants.