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"Kenneth Salnang" was a man whose remains were located in wooded area in Florida. He was possibly native to North Carolina and may have also used the name "Dakota".


Two boys found the man's remains in a dry ditch between US 98 and railroad tracks, near Tuskeegee Avenue in Dade City, Florida. Isotope testing indicates he was likely in Florida for the last few years of his life.


  • He had a healed nasal fracture.
  • He had numerous healed fractures to his left and right ribs.
  • He has a healed fracture to his left clavicle.
  • He had osteoarthritis in his arms, legs, hands, feet and spinal column.
  • He likely walked with a stoop.
  • The condition of his teeth suggested that he may have chewed tobacco.
  • He had severe generalised periodontitis.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue or black pants with red stitching in the crotch.
  • A 27 inch white belt with two extra holes and a metal buckle secured with copper wire.
  • A black cloth/mesh baseball style hat.
  • Brown ankle high leather shoes with white shoe strings.
    • The soles were worn less than the heals.
  • One fine yellow sock.
  • One heavy knit green sock.
  • He had two small keys on a string tied to his belt.
    • One was a brass "master" key.
    • One was a small metal key for an inexpensive padlock.
  • Buttons were found in his pockets.
  • Change was found in his pockets.
  • A plastic fertiliser/feed bag and two small plastic/foil bags.
    • These were believed to have been used to contain tobacco.