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Katrin Konert is a teenager who went missing from Groß Gaddau in Germany on 1 January, 2001 on her way home.


On 1 January, 2001 Katrin left her friend's house around 6:00 pm. Her house was 17 kilometers away and despite the bad weather, Katrin couldn't find a way home. She was last seen at 18:50 by an acquaintance in Bergen/Dumme at a bus stop.

A witness reports that she claims to have seen a dark BMW with Berlin license plates standing next to a girl at the bus stop.


  • Blue-gray eyes.
  • 1 cm long scar in the middle of the forehead.
  • Burn injury to the right calf.
  • Black hair (naturally blonde).


  • Black trousers.
  • White turtleneck sweater.
  • Black so-called "bomber jacket" (orange lining) .
  • Black half boots (Size 37).

Age Progression