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Kasee Lee
Kase Lee.jpg
Age 16
Race White
Sex Female
Location Seattle, Washington
Disappeared August 28, 1982
Missing for 39 years
Height 5'4
Weight 108 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Kasee[1] Ann Lee (née: Woods) was a teenager who went missing from Seattle in 1982. Gary Ridgway confessed to her murder, but her body has never been located. Her name has been alternatively spelled as "Kase" and "Kassee." [2]


Lee was a prostitute who was also employed by a now-defunct drive-thru photography company. She had gotten married around April 1982 to her pimp.

Lee's husband called her mother to inform her of Kasee's disappearance, two days after she departed their home to purchase groceries. She was then officially reported missing that day.

The last verifiable time she was seen was at the SeaTac Airport at 11:30 PM on August 28.

Ridgway claimed to have strangled her before he left her body near the airport. He remains incarcerated for life after confessing to 48 murders in 2003. Despite his confession and disclosure of where he left her remains, none were recovered, and he was never charged.

Known aliases

  • "Wanda (Marie) Mercury"
  • "Rachel Marie Chinery"
  • "Cynthia Marie Lee"
  • "Amanda May Stevenson"
  • "Dase Ann Woods"
  • "Kay Martin"
  • "Jennifer Michelle O'Neil"


  • Lee had blond or strawberry-blond hair
    • In photographs, it appears to be a darker shade of auburn.
  • Blue eyes
  • Scars near her nose, right eyebrow, and right cheek.

Clothing and accessories

  • Lee was last seen wearing a white top.
  • Blue shorts.
  • Blue sandals.
  • A brown purse containing $20.



Lee has been ruled out has being the following:


  • Lee's photograph appeared on an episode of Cold Case Files when the Green River killings were discussed.



  1. Pronounced as "Casey"
  2. Lee's brother has stated intial transcriptions of media coverage caused the descrepancy with the spelling of her name.