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Karen Price
Karen Price.jpg
Name Karen Price
Sex Female
Found 7 December 1989
Location Cardiff, Wales
Missing from Cardiff, Wales
Identified c. 1990
Span Months
Age 15
Cause of death Homicide

Karen Price, also known as "Little Miss Nobody" was a girl who disappeared in 1981 from a group home in Wales. Her body was found in 1989. In 1991, two men were convicted of her murder, although one suspect's charges were later reduced to manslaughter.


Price's body was found by construction workers. She had been wrapped in a carpet and buried, nearly a decade earlier. The body was skeletonized, although the hair was still attached. She had been buried years after her death, which indicated her body was placed in a different location at one time.

Based on the clothing found with the body, it was determined she had died between 1981 and 1984, based on the dates of manufacture and insect activity.

After the remains were unidentified for some time, investigators had reconstructions created to depict the victim during life. After the renderings were published, a woman from Price's group home recognized her as the victim.

She had been murdered by a human trafficker; she had turned to prostitution after she ran away.