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RecentThis individual was recently confirmed to have been identified. Some details may change as more information is released publicly.

Karen Marie Heverly (January 27, 1962 - June 6, 1979) was a teenager was found murdered in a grape vineyard in 1979. She left from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, when she was 16; the reasoning behind her departure remains unclear.

She was identified by Othram in April 2024.


The victim’s body was found just after noon on June 7, 1979. She was in a prone position in a vineyard approximately a day after she died. She was fully nude, with the exception of footwear.

Asphyxiation was listed as one of the contributing factors to her death, but there was also evidence of blunt-force trauma and stabbing. It has not been specified whether sexual assault had occurred.

She was initially believed to be 18-30; this was later expanded to a minimum age of 15.


  • Brown eyes.
  • Light brown shoulder-length hair.
  • Slight overbite, with central upper incisors overlapping to a small degree.
  • The upper-right incisor had a visible fracture.


  • Green socks.
  • Brown leather Lower Quarter Earth brand shoes.