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Julissa was the possible name of a young woman who was murdered in New York. It is possible that she was not native to the country. Witnesses in her neighborhood claimed she spoke Spanish with a Dominican accent. She had apparently gone into a rented room with three other men that apparently killed her after an argument. She was identified in January or July 2017.


  • She had brown hair.
  • She had brown eyes.
  • She had a scar on her left wrist.
  • Another scar on the left hand.
  • A scar reading "J&M" on her arm.

Clothing and jewelry

  • She wore a tan and black long-sleeved shirt.
  • A white undershirt.
  • A black undershirt.
  • A gray bra.
  • A green and brown sock worn on one foot.
  • A gray sock was found near her body.
  • A gray or green jacket was found near her body.
  • An earring with "Julissa" engraved on it was found near her body.