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"Julie Doe" was a transgender woman found deceased in 1988. The cause of her death is undetermined, although the apparent concealment of her body suggested foul play. She was nicknamed by university students researching her case, after a character in an LGBTQ-themed film.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project. The first and second rounds of sequencing proved unsuccessful, however a third round was successful. Genealogy testing found ancestral ties to the Southeastern United States. Surnames of interest are Anaya, Thornton, Robinson, and Hurt.


Julie Doe's mummified remains was discovered by a man in an unrecognizable state months after her death. Her skirt was rolled down to her knees, which led to the possibility she was sexually assaulted. It seemed she wasn’t killed at the scene, as there was indication that she was dragged as discarded there.

The victim was thought to be a cisgender woman until DNA testing revealed a Y chromosome but had successfully or was going through sex-reassignment before her murder.

Isotope testing conducted by the University of South Florida indicated she was native to South Florida.

The DNA Doe Project took on her case in 2018 to try and locate potential relatives of hers, which proved an successful DNA extraction after 3 attempts.


  • Natural brown hair that was bleached.
  • Healed injury to the right cheekbone.
  • She had undergone upper body reassignment surgery (most likely taking place in Miami or Atlanta).
  • Plastic surgery was possibly done on her nose, possibly as a result of the injury to her face or through her transition process.
  • 250cc silicone breast implants, which likely were put into place around 1984.


  • Blue-green tank top.
  • Acid washed denim skirt.
  • Pantyhose.





  1. The decedent is listed by various sources as male, according to presence of a Y chromosome in her DNA. She is listed as female on this website based on the fact she underwent gender confirmation surgery and hormone replacement therapy.