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Josh Mahaffey
Joshua Mahaffey.jpgProgressed to 39
Age 15
Race White
Sex Male
Location Centralia, Illinois
Disappeared October 12, 1991
Missing for 30 years
Height 5'2
Weight 120 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Joshua "Josh" Mahaffey was a teenager who went missing in 1991. Foul play is suspected in his case.


Joshua got into an argument with his mother, climbed out of his bedroom window and left home with another boy. Joshua had been known to run away for several days at a time, so his mother wasn't concerned about his disappearance at first, but she reported him missing on November 12, 1991 after weeks passed without any sign of him.

On the day he went missing, Joshua was spotted with another teenage boy leaving a shopping center in a blue Ford Maverick with a friend, Terry Martin & Terry's girlfriend. Terry and the teenage boy returned hours later, the car was splattered in mud and Joshua wasn't with him.

Terry Martin is considered a suspect in Joshua's disappearance. In 2003, while he was incarcerated, he allegedly told another inmate that he killed a boy named Josh in 1991.

A witness named Tonya L. Collins told authorities that she witnessed Joshua's torture & murder in a Satanic-type ritual. She was placed under hypnosis in 2008 and led authorities to where Joshua was supposedly buried, but a dig of the area produced no evidence.

Prior to Joshua's disappearance, Joshua and Terry Martin robbed a small grocery and Joshua testified against Terry in that case, where he was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Joshua was also allegedly secretly seeing Terry's girlfriend, but Terry denies that. Terry claims that he doesn't know what happened to Joshua the day he went missing.

Authorities believe that Joshua is probably deceased, but they're unsure about what happened to him. As of 2019, his case remains unsolved.