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Jose Elias Pineda-Pineda was a man found beaten in Florida. He died at a hospital shortly after. He was identified in May 2016.


Jose was assaulted by two men with a bat and beer cans in a vacant home on 118 North 6th Street at around 6:15 AM on December 10, 1998. He wandered to North 3rd Street where he was found by a deputy. An ambulance took him to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, where he died the same day.

Investigation revealed that Jose may have gone by the name Torombolo. He reportedly traveled to Collier County in November of 1998, via a work bus from Clinton, North Carolina. He may have been in the Washington D.C. area before traveling to Florida, as he was found to be associated with 11 Ourisman Mazda dealerships that were registered in the area.

Before traveling to Immokalee, Jose lived on a trailer on the "6 L's" farm in Naples. His last known address was on South 3rd Street in Immokalee, a 2 minute drive or 8 minute walk to the abandoned house in which he was assaulted in.

Jose was also discovered to have been treated for violations of the Marchman Act under his real name, however this did not lead to his identification. His identification was eventually confirmed in May 2016 and the investigation into his death is ongoing; his murderers have yet to be arrested.