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John Baptiste Reamer
Age 25
Race Native American
Sex Male
Location Helena, Montana
Disappeared March 27, 1994
Missing for 28 years
Height 5'11 - 6'
Weight 180 pounds
Classification Not stated

John Baptiste Reamer was a young man who vanished from Helena, Montana in 1994 under mysterious circumstances. He may also use the name John Hanson.


John was last seen by his girlfriend when she dropped him off at his apartment after spending time with their son and his girlfriend's mother. According to his girlfriend, there was a man whom she was unfamiliar with at the apartment and she assumed that John knew him from a video store where he often rented Nintendo games.

Next morning, he spoke to his girlfriend and her mother to whom he was close before leaving for his classes at Carroll College. Neither of the women detected anything unusual during this conversation with him. This was the last time they heard from him. After they were unable to reach him for two days, they asked a friend to check on him. When the friend could not get an answer, they reported him missing.

When they checked his apartment, they found his personal belongings including his schoolbooks and wallet. His car was parked outside. Nothing except his favorite cowboy hat was missing.

John was under state supervision and had a criminal record due to a brawl he was involved in a Manhattan, Montana bar. He got a six-year deferred sentence, along with 331 days in the county detention center. He was bipolar and was not taking his medication at the time of the commotion.

There were times when his close contacts feared he was suicidal. He had problems due to drugs and alcohol and was referred to a chemical dependency program. In December 1993, his probation officer recommended that his deferred sentence be reinstated after an alleged DUI about a hit-and-run accident and John had failed to complete his treatment. His bank accounts were left with a positive balance after he disappeared. He worked as a contractor and made several phone calls to fishing companies in Alaska where he worked before.


  • Brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Possibly wears a cowboy hat
  • Tattoo with a memorial design with the words "Makah Nation" encircled around a red, yellow and green Native American logo on his upper arm, with two feathers hanging down his elbow.