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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Gerald 'Jerry' Lombard (1962 - 1994) was a man found murdered in 1994 in Florida. He is a victim of serial killer Daniel Conahan.

He was identified in June 2021.


Lombard was located near Biscayne Boulevard in Punta Gorde, Florida. There were mutilations and rope marks present around the neck and genital region. While the serial number on the pin was attributed to a specific manufacturer, authorities could not narrow down the hospital in which the operation took place. Investigators believe this victim may not have been from southwestern Florida due to the lack of similar missing persons reports in the area.

Between 1993-1996, six transient men were tied to trees, tortured, and killed. In August 17, 1999, Daniel Conahan Jr. was convicted of killing Richard Allen Montgomery, one of the victims of the killings, now dubbed the "Hog Trail Killings", and was sentenced to death. Conahan is generally believed to have committed the other five, but has not been put to trial. Since then, more skeletons, including the "Fort Myers Eight", have been discovered, with Conahan being the prime suspect.  

Another unidentified victim of the Hog Trail Killings is the Sarasota County John Doe (1996).


  • Brown hair.
  • Left fibula had an anorthopedic stainless steel pin correcting fracture on the distal end near the ankle, within four years old.
  • Few or no teeth remained in the skull.