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Jenny is the nickname given by law enforcemenent to a woman discovered in a wooded area near the intersection of 48th Avenue and Filmore Street, Hundsonville, Michigan, in 1967.

The DNA Doe Project was asked to assist with her identification in April 2021.


Hunters found the woman in a field on October 20, 1967, apparently after she was murdered. During the late evening of October 17, a white Rambler-brand vehicle was seen in the proximity of the area, although it has not confirmed to be involved in the dump job.

In July 2020, it was announced that NCMEC was partnering with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office to exhume the body for DNA. NCMEC dropped the case in October the same year.

The female had previously been listed to be as young as 13, with a decomposed body condition.


  • Brown eyes.
  • Black hair, which was styled in a short afro.
  • Fully-developed extra tooth behind upper-right incisor.
  • Two decayed lower molars.
  • She suffered from various chronic illnesses (evidence of both gonorrhoea and hepatitis was present)
  • Several scars that had previously healed
    • Right side of jawline, displaying hyperpigmentation
    • Three on the right side of neck, each at about two centimeters
    • Below her left collarbone, which extended ten centimeters toward her left arm.
    • Upper-right chest with another on the lower portion of the same side.
    • Middle of chest.
    • Right hip.
    • Right outer thigh.
    • Left thigh.

Clothing and accessories

  • Gold/yellow denim pants, ankle-length.
  • Pink cotton Bermuda shorts, worn underneath the gold pants. These were noticeably too big for her, and may have been stitched around the seam to better fit her waist.
  • Men's light blue or grey socks with dark blue and red diamond patterns on the side.
  • Homemade sanitary napkin made of cloth, denim cord, and newspaper.