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Jenifer Noreen Denton, nicknamed Charlene while unidentified, was a woman found murdered in Indiana in 1988. A man was found nearby, who was later identified as Selease "Tony" Sherrod.

She was identified by the DNA Doe Project on March 6, 2021.


  • Black hair.
  • A mild form of spina bifida: the condition was unlikely to have been clinically significant but could have been seen on a x-ray. She may have been unaware that she had this condition.
  • Anomaly of the C1-C2 joint.
  • A unique frontal sinus pattern.
  • Osteochondritis on the rim of the glenoid fossa of her right scapula.
  • Missing teeth #15, #17 and #32.
  • Ceramic crown on tooth #16.