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Jefferson County John Doe was a man killed in Kentucky in 2009. A photo of the victim was found on a cell phone, but it has not led to his identification.


Just after midnight on December 3, 2009, Louisville police were called to the sound of gunfire at the Preston Oaks Apartment complex on Quest Drive. When officers arrived, they found the victim outside his apartment with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at University of Louisville hospital at 12:52 a.m.

The victim possessed several forms of identification in his apartment, all of which were later proven to be fraudulent. A cell phone, which contained a photo of the victim, was also found, but police are uncertain if it actually belonged to him or not.

Five individuals, as young as 14, were arrested in relation to the crime. It is believed that the victim was targeted in a robbery and shot as he resisted and fled. The murder weapon was allegedly disposed of after the shooting. None of the suspects knew who the victim was.

Police do not believe the victim was from the United States, but the investigation has revealed that he may have family in West Palm Beach, Florida. The man is believed to be native to Mexico, Honduras, or El Salvador.


  • Wavy black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Extensive dental work, including his four upper teeth missing and replaced with a partial "flipper" denture.
  • Bilateral lumbar scar on back, alongside various linear scars.

Clothing and accessories

  • Gray long-sleeved 'Izod' jacket.
  • Orange short-sleeved 'Izod' polo shirt with white stripes.
  • Blue 'Ice Pole' jeans.
  • Blue bikini briefs.
  • Red and black socks.
  • Black 'Nike' athletic shoes.