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Jefferson County John Doe was a man who was found near a closed down college in Alabama on March 25, 1981. 


The victim's skeletal remains, without one or more limbs and one or both hands, were found by a coal-drilling crew  performing mineral research in a remote area 200 feet south of the Daniel Payne College campus. The campus was shut down in 1979 due to financial problems and tornado damage from April 1977. However, the Jefferson County coroner at the time, Robert Brissie, said the victim could have been deceased since 1969.


  • He may have appeared racially black, but he could have been mixed race.
  • He may have had muscular forearms based on his bone structures. 

Clothing and accessories

  • Long-sleeved dress shirt with gray and green camouflage design.
  • Pants with a pair of triangular flaps probably sewn from the front pockets to the back of the pants.
  • A pair of long high-waisted bell-bottoms that have been weathered with age.
  • A ring with eight glass stones in a high, circular pattern.
  • Copper medallion that showed a picture of the French Quarter and had the words "New Orleans" written over it
  • Wide copper bracelet engraved with an owl that appears to be Mexican-Indian in design. It once had a red border with yellow and green enamel. Initials that were present have worn with age.