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Jeff Davis County John Doe was a man found on McKnight ranch in Jeff Davis County, Texas. The original date of recovery is unknown.

Clothing and accessories

  • Green 'Basic Editions' jacket with "Yankees" and NY logo.
  • Dark 'Ralph Lauren' shirt.
  • Long-sleeved shirt.
  • Two pairs of light-colored socks.
  • 'Wrangler' pants.
  • Shoestring acting as a belt.
  • 'Barcelona' underwear.
  • Brown 'El Arco' boots.
  • Medicine tin with "Clotriplex (Antibiotico, anti-inflammatorio; on side: “Made in Guatemala; E: 09/2018”.
  • Medicine tin with “GMS Balsamico 12g Trinidad laboratorios Farmacia”.
  • Pill pouch with two slots.
  • Black 'Suizo 91W Auto calendar' water-resistant watch.
  • Lip cream.