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James "Jamie" Trotter was a teenager who disappeared from California in 1979.


Trotter disappeared after he was supposed to take a bus to school. He was speculated to be a runaway, initially.

A man, who would later be convicted of his abduction and murder, alerted police to a partial skeleton he "discovered." The remains were initially thought to be female and remained unidentified for years until the remains were reexamined.

Dental records, specifically his braces, led to his identification.

James Lee Crummel was convicted of his murder based only on circumstantial evidence. Crummel had a history with molesting children and ran an auto shop near Trotter's residence. He was sentenced to death in 2004. Crummel, 68, committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell of San Quentin on May, 29th 2012.

Media appearances

  • Trotter's case was the subject of an episode of Cold Case Files