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Jakarta John Doe was an airman in World War II who was found deceased in Indonesia between 1942 and 1945.


Japanese Occupation of Indonesia

In December of 1941, the London Cabinet declared war on Japan, resulting in the Japanese beginning their invasion of Indonesia. Dutch government officials in the country fled to Australia with their staff, family, and prisoners in tow as a force to aid the Allied forces was formed. Before the Japanese army had even arrived, conflicts between rival Indonesian groups had broken out resulting in many deaths alongside the looting of several houses owned by Dutch and Chinese citizens. The Japanese invasion in early 1942 was described as swift, and bolstered by the defeat of Allied forces in February's Battle of the Java Sea alongside citizens of Indonesia initially believing the Japanese were going to help liberate them, only for them to become forced laborers.

Japanese occupation of Indonesia would last from 1942 to 1945 after the Japanese surrendered to Allied forces in the Pacific. This directly led to the Indonesian National Revolution which ousted the Dutch control of the country.

Circumstances of Death

Due to no further information being available on the decedent, it is unknown if he was an Indonesian national that was killed in one of the many revolts, an Allied soldier, or a member of the force aiding the Allied forces. Furthermore, it is unknown what year he was killed, though it may have likely been in 1942 or afterward due to the timeline of events in Indonesia.