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Jackson County Doe was an individual who was found in the Waterloo Recreational Area in Jackson County, Michigan. DNA testing indicated they may have been assigned male at birth, when initially believed to be a cisgender female. It is possible the decedent may have ties to the Detroit area because the body was discovered near another decedent later found to be from that area.

The case is currently being investigated by the DNA Doe Project.


  • Black natural hair.
  • There may have been a sizable scar on the anterior aspect of the right shoulder.
  • Missing 10 teeth antemortem, including the two upper front teeth.
  • Likely a healed nasal fracture.

Clothing and accessories

  • Auburn, wavy, collar-length wig.
  • Blue jeans (26"waist, 33 1/2" inseam).
  • Violet colored long sleeved blouse (size 14, 100% silk, label "IRKA").
  • Outer shell a beige colored long sleeve blouse (size 5/6, 100% polyester, label "RD2").
  • Reddish brown nylon neck scarf.
  • Panty hose.
  • Bikini bra (size 34).
  • Bikini panties (size 4).
  • Glossy black high heeled shoes (4 1/2" heel) with gold tassel ankle tie.