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Ivy Marie Leinen (born March 2, 1999) was an adolescent girl who was last seen leaving her house. She is believed to have fallen through an icy river. Leinen's latest age progression depicts her at 13.


Ivy was attending Culbertson School and was enrolled in the fifth grade. She was bullied at school over her mental health problems and her physical appearance. At the time of Ivy's disappearance, she was living near the Missouri River with her mother and grandparents.


At 4:00 P.M., Ivy left her house located east of Poplar Bridge to take her family's four dogs for a walk. The dogs returned to the house between fifteen to twenty minutes later without Ivy.

Searchers followed her footprints across the icy Missouri River, where they abruptly ended at a hole in the ice. The dogs paw prints were on the ice too. Authorities believe Ivy fell through the ice and her dogs ran around the hole, unable to help her.

Although Ivy's body has never been found, she is believed to be deceased and a funeral was held for her shortly after she went missing.


  • She had short, brown hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • Several markings:
    • A "raised" strawberry birthmark on her left shoulder.
    • A similar mark on the left side of her scalp.
    • A small scar on the middle of her forehead.
    • A large scar on her left wrist.
  • For unspecified reasons, Ivy may be in need of medical attention.


  • Dark pink and maroon, knee-length, sleeveless dress with a floral pattern.
  • A new pair of blue and white sneakers.
  • White, black, and pink striped socks with poodles on them.