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Itoigawa John Doe was a man whose mostly skeletal body was found floating near the city of Itoigawa in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. He is believed to have originated from North Korea due to a badge depicting past North Korean leader Kim Il Sung and current leader Kim Jong Il being found on his body. In addition, the decedent is believed to have been accompanied by Akita John Doe as they both wore identical life jackets. Due to a trend of wooden boats and bodies washing up on Japanese shores with North Korean items alongside North Korean fishing boats getting swept away to Japan, it is likely the decedent was either a defector or a fisherman who was swept away.

Clothing and accessories

  • A badge depicting the faces of former North Korean leader Kim Il Sung and the current leader Kim Jong Il.
  • A total of $290 stashed in his pocket.
  • Orange life jacket with Korean lettering.
  • Apparel described as a 'work outfit'.