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Isanti County John Doe was a man whose skeleton was located on private property in Isanti County, Minnesota, near Highway 47 and County Road 5, in 2003, when an excavator discovered a skull in a load of earth.

Investigators discovered additional remains both at the original burial site and the site where the earth from the excavation was being dumped.


The body was buried about three feet deep. The manner of death is unknown but the depth and location of the grave are highly suspicious and investigators are treating the case as a homicide. There is also the possibility that the remains could have been on the site since the 1970s.


  • Ante-mortem healed fracture of the left 10th rib.
  • Facial structure and dental reconstruction are very precise.
  • Other facial details are unknown.

Clothes and accessories

  • A watch.
  • A portion of a red and yellow blanket-like material.